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Our Chickens

We started our own flock this past spring.  We got 8 chicks from Belmont Feed and Seed and brought them home in a box about the size of a 6 pack.  March 6th.

They huddle together to keep warm in the box.  Once home we moved them into the spare bathtub.  Lined with cardboard and wood shavings.  The feeder and water fount are both quart mason jars and an infrared lamp for reptiles keeps the temperature comfortable for the chicks.  You start around 90 degrees and drop it 5 degrees a week till they move outside.  The chicks seemingly double in size each week, pretty amazing.  March 16th.

March 26th

In the meantime, we were building their coop and covered run out next to the garage in the backyard.  The coop is 4'x5'x4' high, sized for 10 adult chickens.  The run is 4'x20', screened with 1/2" hardware cloth and covered with sheet metal roofing.  Keeps the rain and snow out and offers shade in the summer.  When the chicks were getting too crowded in the bathtub, we …

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